Job Ad Copywriting

We can write your job ad, so you can launch your recruitment campaign.

Butler HR understand that business owners, HR Managers and anyone responsible for employing people, at times find it hard, for a variety of reasons, to get the ball rolling and write an effective job advertisement.

Competing for the attention of job seekers can be extremely challenging; sometimes you get too many, sometimes there’s not enough. Then quality is an issue. Do I advertise in the newspaper, seek, LinkedIn, Facebook or my company page? Getting the right people starts with a job ad; well written, that accurately reflects the vacancy. It needs to be positioned in the right media to attract the right audience.

Butler HR can help. We can write your ad and advise you of the best media option and a way forward. By effectively articulating your employment proposition (The Promise) and Employer Brand, you will improve both recruitment and retention results. It won’t cost you an arm or leg either.

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