Quitting Your Job: Dramatic Exit or Inappropriate?

Apologies to Paul Simon, but there must be 50 ways to leave your employer. But quitting on the spot is usually the worst. Granted, everyone who’s had a job has probably dreamed how sweet it would be to bid adiós and walk out the door. Of course, 99.9% of us never do. And for many good reasons….Read More

How to Create an Elevator Pitch – as told by Forbes Magazine

Frustrating recruitment processes..

Repetitive selection forms Automated responses Limited role information In the past decade, we have increasingly seen  trends among big brand employers (and small ones for that matter)  to have lengthy and extremely competitive recruitment systems with several stages of progression and little human interaction before even making an initial interview. On the other side of…Read More

“Commuting Sucks”

A 2011 Swedish study that found the divorce rate is 40 per cent higher amongst couples when one person commutes 45 minutes or more to work each day!

Ad-writing skills trump hours of sourcing

Recruiters have an “effort bias” that blinds them to the inefficiency of a great deal of sourcing work, a talent acquisition specialist says. This bias makes them perceive that time-consuming online sourcing techniques make a sourced passive candidate worth more than someone who applies to a job ad, says Workable customer advocacy VP Matt Buckland. Some recruiters operate…Read More